Wednesday, April 3, 2013

March Recap and Resolutions

Miles Monday: 3.02 miles, 25:05 min
Miles today: 4.5 miles, 400s x 6, 42 minutes
Miles in 2013: 280.76 miles

This post title should be trying desperately to catch up. Didn't I just do a recap for February? Where did March go and what was I doing?

Oh yeah, being awesome.

2 more half marathons done in March 2013! Hooters to Hooters was a blast and the Marco Island Half was tough, but scenic and fun. Definitely will do the Hooters again. Marco was the same weekend as the Sarasota Half Marathon this year, so I may have to switch it up next year.

The past few months I have posted and referred back to my original 2013 resolutions, but considering the insane highs and lows of March, some things have fallen off...

March Highs: 2 half marathons. Great times with my family. Lots of time of reflection and peaceful quiet. An amazing St. Patrick's Day weekend. Weightlifting (sometimes). Started planning the inagural women's only 5K in Naples (!!!). Did not drink diet coke for 40 days. (This has happened....NEVER) Cooked some incredible meals....

Tofu peanut salad, white bean burgers with kale chips, shrimp spring rolls (recipes to come!)

March Not-so-highs: Tough times with the family. Missed a PR by 1 minute. Missed a bunch of work outs, especially lifting and yoga.  Not raising more $$$ for Girls on the Run Soulmates. (Donate here!!) My whole not cussing thing - uh- did you see the Gator-Michigan game? AW-FUL. (Also, 40 days with practically no caffeine...), lack of time to plan an April fools. (Kudos to some of the great blog April fools jokes out there!) 

April to-dos: A 10K, a 7 miler, and one, maybe two half marathons. Get my mojo motivation back. Make it to a running practice or two. Back to regular weightlifting and throw some yoga back into the mix. Raise more money for Girls on the Run. Slow down to read and write a little more.

All that being said, I have had two great runs this week.  Monday night, little tempo run at sunset. 


Followed by a couple of hard 400s tonight before a big birthday dinner celebration with the newest member of the dirty 30 club. 

Happy birthday to my love.

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