Thursday, May 2, 2013

Bye, Bye April.

Miles yesterday: 2.0 miles, 17:02 min
Miles in 2013: 360.63 miles

I am sad, sad, sad April is over! My Visa and patience with airports got worn out, so you know it was a good time... We vacationed and I raced every weekend this past month, all in very different settings. And with the exception of dry heaving in front of 50 running friends, I had some pretty great races.

My April Goals:  A 10K, a 7 miler, and one, maybe two half marathons. Get my mojo motivation back. Make it to a running practice or two. Back to regular weightlifting and throw some yoga back into the mix. Raise more money for Girls on the Run. Slow down to read and write a little more.

Let's recap the last 4 weekends.

Run For the Music 10K - PR! First PR for 2013....

7 Mile Bridge Run - Legen - wait for it - dary! Hope to run this race every year for years to come! The people I ran with made it 1000 times more fun and special.

KB Half Marathon, Miami, FL. - I survived? That's about all I have to say about that....

Country Music Half Marathon, Nashville, TN. - What a freaking blast! Cold, rainy, girls weekend away. Not a PR, but seconds away from one. Pretty good way to end the month.

Did not make it to any running practices (sad face) I made it to a couple (um 2 is technically a couple) weightlifting classes. 0 for 0 on yoga classes. I definitely need to raise more $$ for Girls on the Run (donate here!)

As for slowing down, that was a big joke. April was insane. I did start writing more and am now working with the incredible FitNation!

On the veggie and food front, I made some more incredible dinners (But may or may not have accidentally ate some pork while I was stuffing my face with nachos in Nashville....) Most recently made a Pad Thai that was to die for. (Recipe tomorrow)

I was starting to get a little worn down at the end of March and although I got over that, and pushed myself to stay busy, I have been exhausted. After working on my feet for nine hours a day, I need to realize that sometimes it is ok to go home and rest. 

As for May, this really (really) is going to be a month for rest for my body. No races. (I think) I am going to run for the fun of it and enjoy the time by myself or with running friends. I am going to lift weights, stretch (I swear, I am going to try to anyway), and take care of myself. 

Goals: Relax. Naples' first women's only 5K, the Run Chick Run, to benefit Collier County Girls on the Run. (Register here!!!) Lift AT LEAST once a week. Try out a new yoga class. Make it to an organized running practice. Stretch, ice, and recover. Keep up with 5 posts per week and more articles. Keep up with the good food and maybe a new recipe or two.Get ready for an insane marathon training cycle to begin June 2013!

(In case you were wondering, I pretty much gave up trying not to curse as much. Gotta save something for 2014, right?)