Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Chicago Marathon Training 2013

Miles today: 0, Group Power class, long after dinner walk.... to Dairy Queen....
Miles in 2013: 383.21 miles

When we got into the Chicago Marathon I was completely over the moon. Ever since I had an inkling to buck up and run a full, Chicago was in the back of my mind. After I didn't die during the first marathon, I knew Chicago was on my marathon bucket list. 

Drinking beer...thinking Chicago Marathon....

When we decided on our second marathon, Chicago was already full and we couldn't think of a better place to run a marathon than Vegas.

At this point in time, I wasn't sure I ever wanted to run again.

That feeling passed quickly and Chicago was back on the brain. I set my alarm for the minute registration opened and spent hours trying to get in. 

Both Larry and I got in and I got to thinking about what training plan I wanted to follow. My training cycle before Vegas was cut a month short due to my blood clot. I liked that plan, but wanted something a little different. I also wanted (want) to kick the crap out of my marathon PR. 

I picked this up after reading different blogs and talking to other runners who had and were using Hanson's training plans. Everyone had great things to say and I really enjoyed the book. The basic training plan is increased weekly mileage, with a focus on speed work and tempo run, and shorter overall long runs. The theory is that you should run the long runs as the last miles of the race on tired legs, not like the first miles of the marathon on fresh legs. There is a better balance of mileage spread over the week instead of such a large percentage of overall mileage in one long run. The longest run is actually only 16 miles. 

Not going to lie, all of what I typed up there kinda scares me. And is exciting. I love the idea of really challenging myself and know that the key to slashing time off my finish is speed work. My biggest decision was whether to do the beginner plan verse the advanced plan. This isn't my first rodeo, but damn, the advanced plan is A LOT of mileage. 

 (I like how every thing in the book is laid out very specifically)

At my highest mileage last year, I was running 45-50 miles/week. This plan has weekly mileage over 60. And this time around I will be training during the hottest part of the south Florida summer. (I am all for running in the summer  heat, but a 10 mile tempo run in the middle of August is going to be ballsy)

My friend Leigh helped finalized the decision after she had an amazing race in Pittsburg and felt strong the whole run. After I made the decision (being absolute crazy, I realize) I wrote out every single run from June 1st until race day in my planner, which makes it all real. (And makes me realize I am going to need to invest heavily in body glide and PowerBar tangerine gels) 

I am still nervous about it all but pumped to get started. Anyone else training in the summer? Marathon plans you love?

October 13th here I come!