Friday, May 17, 2013

Frustration Friday

Miles today: 4.01 miles, gentle, easy, coddling miles
Miles in 2013: 395.29 miles

Warning: vent sesh ahead. But first, our run this morning. I woke up at 5:35 AM to a text saying one of our friends wasn't going to make it to our morning run. As I laid there, so ridiculously sore from lifting and my speed work out yesterday, I could barely move. My hamstrings, quads, and glutes are still angry at me I think. Anyway, I really debated getting up for my run and just wanted to sleep. In the end, (after I hit the snooze button for the 5th time and successfully woke up Larry every 5 minutes) I figured a little, gentle run would probably help me more than anything, so I got up and out the door.  

Good thing I did because the sunrise this morning was pretty spectacular. It wasn't too humid or hot. I was sore, but the comfortable pace felt good on my legs. Is it weird that I noticed how many and loud the birds were, more than anything? Especially because I hate birds. Amazing what you notice sans headphones. 

(Coming home to this sweet face is the best)

There is one thing I could not put out of my head though. Yesterday at work, I was talking to someone (who shall remain nameless) about training workouts and how happy and excited I am to start the training cycle for Chicago. 

Her response? "What are you going to do when your knees and ankles give out?"

WHAT THE WHAT?? Are you kidding me? Why would you say that?? And why is it that non-runners feel the need to say things like that? 

Oh you love knitting because it is relaxing and makes you happy? Weird. What happens when you get terrible arthritis in your hands and can't knit anymore?... What happens when....nevermind, you get the picture. 

I should have politely just said that I need to run in order to deal with people like yourself. Instead I smiled and said I am going to be just like my mother, who is still running strong well into her 60's. #Goodgenes 

My point is, statements like these serve absolutely no purpose whatsoever. They are counterproductive and hurtful. Runners should be supportive of each other and their interests and passions, instead of negative and condescending. One of the biggest (and best) things to come out of blogging has been seeing firsthand the amazing camaraderie among other bloggers and women staying healthy and supporting each others' goals.

As any runner knows, people (non-runners, shall we say) tend to say asinine things such as this on occasion, but it can be difficult to look past. (Obviously otherwise I wouldn't bore you with this post....) We try to be the bigger person or just avoid conversations with people who say such things. All I can hope for is to be a part of a community celebrating all the accomplishments and fun and happiness that comes along with running, racing, and good health. 

And so we finished our day at an amazing wine tasting with a few co-workers.

Happy Friday!