Tuesday, May 21, 2013

May is for Sleeping In

Miles today: 5.01 miles, progressive run (9:36, 9:26, 9:07, 8:42, 8:22)
Miles in 2013: 407.02 miles

Ahhhh the taking it easy month. Yesterday I was lazy and decided to switch up days and skip my five miler. I made a deal with myself and decided I would wake up extra early to fit in a five miler before work (and then maybe lift after work...) Guess what didn't happen this morning. Yep. It was lovely. I am throughly enjoying these days before I will feel more pressure to get up and get at it. 

We still got in a sunset run after the rain came. The summer rains have started this week, so it makes waiting until after work for a run a game of chance. Lightning or treadmill.... it's a tough call. 

(Rocking the FitNation shirt tonight - go check out my newest article on 10 Foods to Avoid Before Running here!!!)

The storm clouds make for a good sunset run.

(I am actually pissed that we didn't run this morning because this afternoon would have been perfect for paddle boarding)

So I signed up for another race. I am SO freaking excited that some of our closest friends have started getting more into running. The only thing better than running a great race is running it with your bestest friends. Anyway, we all decided that the Tower of Terror 10 Miler would be a fun run and good goal for them. 

Then I looked at the date. October 4th. Does that make it the stupidest race ever since it is one week before the Chicago marathon and our 17th week of training? OR is it a phenomenal idea and celebration of some hard work??

I am going with the latter. Full disclosure: (and if you hate me for this I am sorry, convince me otherwise in the comments/email...oh and I am sorry Lisa and Nick....) I cannot stand Disney World.  Yes, I have a little cold, black heart, and I would rather go about 10,000 other places, and have yet to be convinced that a Disney race is worth the ridiculous price tag. BUT I am being optimistic. I am looking at the 10 miler as my last taper, easy long run with 3 of my closest friends. No pressure for time, just relaxed fun celebrating a summer of hard work, and being chased by zombies (I think). 

Anyone have good Disney race stories? Love them? Hate them? Just really like doing around the world at Epcot?