Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Spring time!

Miles yesterday: 3.0 miles, 27:03 min
Miles today: rest
Miles in 2013: 371.53 miles

Yesterday's run was pretty heavenly. I got home from work and threw on my running clothes and ran out the door to get a couple miles in before our friends came over for dinner. I put on the Miranda Lambert Pandora station and headed down to the beach. 

The weather lately has been beyond perfect. Usually May in south Florida is back to summer heat and humidity, but the past few days have been perfectly spring-like and gorgeous. The sky was bright blue and all the trees seemed electric green.

Before the Nashville Half I was worn out and afraid that I needed a longer break before marathon training starts. Between my happy race in Nashville and the motivation of running with the Running Buddies, I think I got rid of some mental cobwebs. Gone was the worry of training and the self doubt of finishing times and tempo runs. (I am sure it may come back some time soon unfortunately) Instead of dreading the after work run, I looked forward to it. I felt so content to just run without worrying about a pace or racing. Good times.

Or maybe it was just because I was wearing my neon coral Nashville shirt (shout out to all the Nashville girls!!)

 I wish I had had longer to run, but I had to get home to cook dinner and make cocktails for friends. 

I took today to rest, foam roll, and stretch. Look at me being all running responsible.