Monday, May 20, 2013

Staycations are Incredible

Miles today: rest
Miles in 2013: 402.01 miles

How is it really Monday?! I was hoping this weekend would last foreverrrrrr. Our good friends planned a staycation at one of the local resorts and invited us to come stay with them for the weekend. After our run Saturday we hopped in the car for 20 whole minutes and ended up here:

I am moving in!

We immediately got down to business, ordered cocktails, and commenced lounging.

We are so cute! Thanks to Katie for some of the cute pics!!

The hotel called us when our room was ready, but unfortunately they couldn't accommodate our reservation for 2 double they gave us the PRESIDENTIAL SUITE. Amazeballs. 

The views were amazing.

As were the cocktails...

We decided we are going to do this every weekend....

Vacations with friends are the best. And cheap vacations with friends are even better. (As long as you keep the bar bill in check...) Florida in the summer may be hot, but there are some pretty amazing (cheap) deals on hotel rooms and resorts. Definitely worth the 20 minute drive!