Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Miles today: 4.01 miles, easy, 39:58 minutes
Miles in 2013: 387.22 miles

Today has been...a little off. Like everything, all day. I woke up so sore from lifting that I had to use assistance just to sit down normally. Apparently missing a few weeks of lifting really took its toll...or the work out last night just really kicked my ass. Then I decided to get all kinds of crazy, copied one of my favorite fashion blogs, and wore a skirt over a dress. (I should have taken a picture) It looked cute, but felt weird all day. Then I got home and fell asleep with the computer in my lap, waiting for Larry to get home. Why am I such a mess?

I got my sleepy, sore ass off the couch and got ready to run. At the very least, we could make it down to the beach for sunset. We did. 

My very favorite beach in the whole world

I have been taking pictures on this dolphin since I was about 3 years old. the summertime sunsets.

Sidenote. I bought a couple pairs of Swiftwick socks at the Country Music Marathon Expo. They are currently rocking my feet off. Most comfortable socks. Ever. I am obsessed. I got two pairs of the Aspire Zeros and wish I had bought more!

Happy, happy feet.
(and for the first time in many, many months, I have all 10 toenails!)