Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wingfoot Awards Night

Miles today: rest day 2
MIles in 2013: 407.02 miles

Yes I slept in two days in a row. It was glorious and my body needed it. (it wasn't too shabby getting an extra hour of snuggle time.. yeah, I'm also a sap) I will be getting miles in later this week and next week. 

Tonight was the Wingfoot Awards, which is an award given to one incredible high school student-athlete each year. My mom has been on the board of the Wingfoot Committee for the past 24(!!!) years.  It is an amazing night with an incredible group of kids, and usually with an amazing keynote speaker. Student, athlete, CEO, or whoever you are, the speakers and high school students are an inspiration. 

Brian Kelly from Notre Dame was the keynote speaker tonight. His speech was great. He focused on such good themes that are relevant in every aspect of our lives, which are important "in both the locker room and board room." Be thankful. Don't lie, steal, or cheat. Treat women with respect. The Golden Rule. 

Every year I listen to speeches directed at student athletes, but I always take away something that I need to apply more to my life (or running....both really)

The winner of the night was a track athlete from my alma mater. So proud and GO GOLDEN EAGLES!

Oh also, when I tried to get a glass of wine at dinner, our server said, "Nice try." He actually thought I was under 21. Bhahahahahaha. New eye cream success! (I have 3 witnesses. That really happened.)