Monday, June 10, 2013

4-15-13 Memorial

Miles today: rest
Miles in 2013: 461.06 miles

We are back. It was an incredible weekend in Boston but I am glad to be home. Thank you Becky so much for giving up your living room for 4 days!! We packed an insane amount of activity into a very short time, but one of my priorities for the trip was to make it to the Boston Marathon Memorial. In all my trips to Boston throughout my life, I have never even seen the finish line. Hope to be back there sometime in the not-too-far-out future.

We also stopped in the running store next to the finish line and picked up some new shoes to train in! The staff was great and super helpful. Plus they had a touching thank you to the people of Boston in the window. 

We stood in front of the store, which was right where the first bomb went off. We were silent and read the sign posted. It is a little surreal to stand there with all the bustling traffic and people, knowing you are standing in that very place where the bomb went off. 

The memorial was awesome. It was so touching to see how much love and support there is for the victims, responders, people of Boston, and the running community. There were three Boston policemen standing guard by the memorial. Amazing that 7 weeks have already gone by.

I don't think I can put into words how beautiful and emotional it was to walk around and look at everything. All I could do is just stand there and say a little prayer. 

There is such a strong sense of hope through everything I saw. Hope for the survivors and hope for the city in recovery. So proud to be an American and to be a runner. 

Definitely worth visiting if you are in the Boston area!

Can't think of a better motivational Monday than the memorial. Especially since it is the first official day of training for the Chicago Marathon!! I will also be posting about my marathon training in my column at FitNation Magazine