Thursday, June 6, 2013

June Beer Run!

Miles yesterday: 3.2 miles (PM)
Miles today: 4.0 miles, easy, treadmill
Miles in 2013: 453.86 miles

We celebrated National Running Day the best way possible, with cocktails. This was the 13th unofficial beer run (I think, I keep forgetting at this point...) in downtown Naples. Obviously it was a little rainy, thanks to Tropical Storm Andrea, so I rocked my very favorite wet weather socks.

It actually was not as rainy as I expected, which was good for my phone that I was carrying. We started at Tommy Bahama's by pledging to take responsibility for any running and drinking "incidents" and promising to watch out for the patrons of 5th Avenue. 

Matt hushing the crowd. There were 150 runners total, of which 139 were drinkers and runners. 

We left Tommy's and headed down to Paddy Murphy's Bar on 5th Avenue. 

Corona light was my beer of choice this run. Worked out well. 

From Paddy's we headed to one of my favorite bars in Naples, Cabana. It is right on the water and they make a fabulous margarita. (I did not have one last night BTWs)

At Cabana we did a huge group shot in front of one of the fountains. (I didn't take one with my phone so here is a Larry and Lianne selfie instead. Yikes.)

After Cabana it was onto the Dock Restaurant. The dock is also on the water and a good place for beers and wall sits. 

After the Dock, everyone (ok most people that aren't too buzzed at this point) runs backwards all the way to our starting point for the last beer of the evening. 

(Full disclosure - I only ran backwards for the photo op. Let's be honest, with my complete lack of coordination, running backwards is just asking for trouble.)

And we are done!

Good times! We finished the night with a dinner that, "was the best thing I ever put in my mouth." Thanks Larry. (Insert giggle here) Look forward to that recipe sometime next week, as long as we don't float away in the storm.