Sunday, June 2, 2013

May Recap and June Goals (one day late...)

Miles today: 4.36 miles
Miles in 2013: 440.3 miles

May was supposed to be a month of relaxation... yeahhhh about that. Well it was super fun, no doubts. As for relaxation...I did a little?? 

Regardless, there were some great highlights:

My run with my running buddy from Girls on the Run.

Followed by the first race I have every helped organize, Naples first women's only 5K, the Run Chick Run, to raise money for GOTR.

The next weekend was our "stay cation", also known as craziness with some of your best friends in a hotel. Relaxing, no, awesome, yes.

We finished the month in Ft. Lauderdale at a gorgeous wedding.

No 4 races in 4 weeks, like April, but the perfect month before June, which is going to be getting back to more serious training. Goals for this month are to ease into training, while keeping up with strengthening and stretching. I did make it to a Leapfrog practice this month, which was great. I am going to see how practices can fit into training in the upcoming weeks. As for other monthly goals, I did not checkout a new yoga class this month (fail) but am afraid there may not be a ton of extra time for that in the upcoming months. I made it to a couple of weightlifting and crossfit-type workouts, but was worried I hurt my back. June is really going to be all about easing back into our training cycle and safely ramping up mileage, while integrating the appropriate speed work. 

As for food, this month has been pretty sweet as far as new recipes. I still have a couple to post, but happy with the new stuff. 

The roasted beet salad tied with the crab cakes and corn-avocado salsa for best dinners.

Despite making some awesome dinners, I have not been so good the rest of the time. Goal for June, eat out less, more vegan meals, less diet coke and sugary coffee drinks. 

One thing I can say is, June has started out on a good foot. Team Will Tri For Mimosas had a great morning at the Naples Fitness Challenge Triathlon.