Monday, June 3, 2013

Naples Fitness Triathlon Recap!

Miles today: (none yet...)
Miles in 2013: 440.3 miles

What a fun morning. I have raced the Naples Fitness Challenge 3 times in the past. It is a great reverse sprint triathlon. Perfect for first-time triathletes and a blast for seasoned athletes. We had tons of friends competing, which made it even better. The race is small and super well organized. 

Two of my good friends and I decided a few months back that it would be fun to relay it. (I was debating on whether to do it, but relaying got me out of swim training -> win, win) Team Will Tri For Mimosas was born. Also, I half-joked yesterday about retiring completely from tri's and forever being a "relay specialist". We shall see...

Back to yesterday's race. I was up and applying my race tattoos at about 5:30AM. I had some toast with butter and strawberry jelly and got ready. 

Since we live about a mile and a half away from the race, I decided I would run over there as a little warm up. The morning started out a little grey, looking like a rainy race was a definite possibility. 

The sun decided to come out and we were even treated to a little rainbow before the race. 

Ok, a little tough to see, but it was there. Also, the water was nice and flat for the swim! The race is always held at the Naples Beach Club & Resort, an awesome hotel on the beach in downtown Naples. 

The transition area seemed larger this area, but was great for seeing lots of friends.

Thanks for keeping things under control Jake!

The three of us got ready and headed down to the start. 

There were four start waves. All the relay teams started in the second wave at 7:32 AM. 

Being the runner in a reverse tri is great! First one off and first one done! Obviously if you have been reading this blog for more than a day or two, you know I have not done a 5K in a very long time, nor do I train for shorter races. I have incorporated more speed work in as of late, but not much. Short races are not generally my forte. Regardless, I was hoping for a PR. 

I started off fast. People were passing me, but I knew I could not sustain a pace much faster than I was going. My first mile was the fastest mile I have ever run in a race. (Under 8 minutes) Halfway thru the second mile I was struggling, but once I passed the 2 mile marker, knew I had to pick up the pace. I passed people the last half mile and crossed the finish line. (See, even a 5K recap is too short...)

Me making my move in the last .1 mile. I finished in 25:21 minutes, and then had to run through the length of the transition area to get to the relay racks. Needless to say, I was not thrilled about my time. I believe it tied my old PR, but with the faster times I have been running in training, a 23-24 minute 5K is where I should be. I will have another shot on the 4th of July, when we run the annual Firecracker 5K (which come to think of it, was my last 5K) 

We watched the cyclists come into the transition and waited for Christine. She had a great bike. She handed off the chip and then headed over to watch the finishers. (Also - triathletes = great eye candy)

The Finish Line:

Christy finishing up. 

Obviously the best part of the Naples Tri is really the after party celebration. Naples Area Triathletes had a tent set up and our team helped provide some refreshments. 

Thanks Christy for being our team captain! 6th place for our category. Can't wait to do it again next year!
We also had a bunch of friends placed really well and got some sweet award plaques. Sixth place doesn't get one, so I had a photo shoot with someone else's. 

I guess I am just going to have to settle for the medal this year! Next year though.....

Also, huge congrats to everyone who finished and all those PR's!!!

Also, Nike opened its lottery for the San Francisco women's marathon today. Am I absolutely crazy for wanting to enter, despite the fact that it is one week after the Chicago Marathon??? Would love love love to be in back to back marathon week running shape. Anyone else entering the lottery?