Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Rain, rain, rain

Miles today: 5.4 miles, easy
Miles in 2013: 445.7 miles

My mood today has been kinda like the weather...blah....grey, drizzly...blah...

My motivation for just about everything was at about -10. I hit the snooze and then slept through my morning 5 miler. I have avoided writing, doing anything really productive, and basically wasted time. Finally at 6:30ish I put on my running garb and headed out the door. It was drizzling and humid. 

I thought it would be raining harder, so I threw on my favorite ProCompression Stockings, which are fail proof in wet conditions. Unfortunately, it was more hot and humid and less breezy and rainy. 

We took a slightly different route downtown, because we figured not many people would be out. On the way home Larry and I took different routes. I ran into a friend we know from childhood who is going through a rough time. After chatting for about 2 minutes, I started feeling like a real a-hole. I had absolutely no reason to be so grouchy. We are so damn lucky to have the ability and health to be able to go run 5 miles after work. Instead of being pissy and whining about being tired or how hot it is, I need to consider that a little more often. 

Speaking of being grateful for running, tomorrow is National Running Day! Rock 'n' Roll Race series is having a great sale - $20 off any half or full marathon. 

Also, ProCompression is having a big sale on all their neon marathon socks. 40% off with the code NEON. 

Are you running tomorrow for National Running day? Signing up for any RnR races?
If you are in Naples we will be beer running tomorrow at 6PM from Tommy Bahamas!