Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Speed Work and Week 1 Recap

Miles today: 12 x 400s, 7.5 miles total
Miles in 2013: 507.12 miles

500 miles for 2013!!! And just getting started! Today’s workout was just what I needed. I don’t know why I was so overly exhausted yesterday. Even this afternoon I was feeling sluggish, but after the first and second 400, I was definitely back in the groove. I felt strong. I can tell I am much stronger now than when we were training for Vegas, which is super exciting. Who knew doing the right things, like stretching and strengthening, actually made a difference?!

I ran the 400s on the treadmill because, honestly, I did not want to deal with the heat and threatening thunderstorm outside on the track. I know there are pros and cons to doing this, but I actually don’t mind doing speed work on the treadmill. I am trying to push my pace, especially since the last time I ran 400s on the track with Leapfrog, I ran much faster than I usually do on the treadmill. I tend to underestimate myself when it comes to a lot of these workouts. 

This week is nice because there is no tempo run. The 400s were supposed to be yesterday, but I could shuffle workouts because both tomorrow and Friday are easy six milers. 

It was also brought to my attention that I never recapped the first full week of training. Frankly, I thought it went smashingly well.  32+ miles. I finished every workout feeling good, even pushing the pace faster than expected at this point. Part of me worries I am setting the bar too low. The other part knows I have some serious and hard work ahead of me in the weeks to come. I haven’t come out an said it, but I am pushing for a ballsy PR. For a lot of runners four hours is a cake walk, but for me it is over a 30 minute PR, and I am taking aim. That being said, my real goal is to train smart, have a good time, and kick ass for 26.2 miles. Today though was a reminder that it is within my reach and I am on my way.