Thursday, June 13, 2013

Spirit of the Marathon II

Miles yesterday: 2.0 miles, in a rush, on a treadmill
Miles today: 3.0 miles easy, AM
Miles in 2013: 470.57 miles

Gorgeous morning for a sunrise run. Unfortunately, there wasn't time to fit in my full 6 miles, so I have a few more miles to go after work. I'm ok with it because I am enjoying my new Brooks Launch shoes that I picked up in Boston. 

So pretty they are. 

So last night we checked out Spirit of the Marathon II with some friends. It chronicled all types of runners training for and running the 2012 Rome Marathon. There was the female elite from Rwanda, an elite from Ukraine attempting to make the last spot on the Olympic team, two Italian men in their 70's, an Italian mother running her first marathon, an American running his first marathon, and an American woman who was setting out to run 52 marathons in 52 weeks. Each runner told their story and the journey took to run the Rome Marathon.

The movie also gave some great history of the marathon (which I had no clue about) and commentary from numerous running greats including, Bill Rodgers, Frank Shorter, Jeff Galloway, and Paula Radcliffe. John Bingham, who is one of my favorite running writers, was also featured. The sweeping views of Rome, Rwanda, and major marathons across the world were gorgeous. (I need to book that trip to 5 minutes ago)  

I love that every runner has an amazing story of their journey. I love that camaraderie that runners have with each other. I love that women all over the world are finding renewed strength and self awareness through running. I love how running transcends languages, countries, and cultures. 

After the movie was over, my only question was, "How can anyone not want to do this??"

Oh yeah, and I totally cried at the movie. No shame here.