Sunday, June 30, 2013

St. Louis!

Miles today: 6.14 miles
Miles yesterday: rest day
Miles Friday: 7.01  miles
Miles Thursday: 6.8 miles, 6 mile tempo run on treadmill
Miles in 2013: 563.96 miles

What a week! Dermatology conferences, family time, and running all over a different city! 

I arrived late Tuesday after a crazy long day. Thank god Wednesdays are rest days. We used our rest day for exploring, eating some amazing food, and drinking delicious local beers. 

Larry's favoritest beer

One of the yummiest beer flights I have ever had. Ever. 

We even did a little bowling. (I broke 100...twice!)

We also ate at an INCREDIBLE place in the Central West End, called Scape. Mind blowingly good food. The outdoor patio was an great urban space, lined with ivy and twinkling lights. 

Thursday I did a 6 mile tempo run on the treadmill during my lunch break. It was much harder than I really expected. Of course running on a treadmill not listening to anything for miles is never easy, but it was not a pleasant hour.

Friday Larry and I ran seven miles through Forest Park, which is the largest park in Saint Louis. It is an amazing park, but at 1 PM at 90 degrees, I was not having a whole lot of fun. I struggled through every mile and stopped about 10 times for water. The upside was the cool trails that run through the park. Towards the end, those were what kept me going. Trying to fit running around class and seeing family was definitely tough. 

Over heating. 

Saturday I had more class and we took it easy. I felt a smidge guilty taking an extra day off, but sometimes getting to hang out with family and friends is just more important. 

Sunday we woke up early before our flight an ran all over downtown St. Louis and the SLU campus.

Ok caught up for the week. Hope everyone had a great weekend! Yay for short week this week!