Monday, June 24, 2013

Supermoon Running

Miles today: 4.32 miles, easy AM
Miles yesterday: 4.15 miles, easy, treadmill
Miles in 2013: 535.46 miles

Week 2 Chicago training done and done. Good runs and tired legs and mild exhaustion, but going strong. This next week is going to be a little challenging with some travel thrown in, but nothing too crazy. (I hope. You just never know with the Martin family)

Yesterday was a nice recovery run day. I got in a few, easy miles before my sister's adorable baby shower, and planned on a few more, but fell a little short. Having champagne on the beach with friends, followed by pizza and hanging with the fam took priority. Time well spent. 

(Watching Grand Canyon tight rope walking - and I am annoying everyone by taking pics)

I had a glorious run this morning. Unfortunately, I did not get in all the miles I need to run today. Guess who hit the snooze about 5 times too many? This girl. Fail. I am going to have to move the alarm clear across the room to get my sleepy ass out of bed. 

Regardless, once I got running, the morning was spectacular. Supermoon was out, there were clear skies, and I ran in peaceful silence. Such a good way to start off the week. 

Now if my phone didn't take such crappy pics. The moon setting and sun rising were gorgeous and these pics just don't do it justice. 

I can only hope every run this week looks and feels this good.