Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Miles today: 2.96 miles, easy
Miles in 2013: 499.62 miles

.38 miles away from the 500 mark. Should have made it today, but it was not in the cards. Mostly because today kicked my ass. I slept through my alarm but still managed to squeeze those (almost) three miles in from yesterday. The sunrise was gorgeous and even though I was tired, the run was totally worth it. 

Then work happened. And it beat me down today. After almost 9 hours on my feet, I got home. I was still planning (dreading) doing a full speed workout. Larry got home and is still fighting a bad cold. We were a sad, little, tired pair....And that is why we spent an hour napping to the sounds of  a summer thunderstorm. 

Tomorrow is our off day, but I figure if we do speed work tomorrow afternoon, I still will get a full 24+ hours off and still get in the speed work. Sometime resting is just more important. That nap was totally worth it. 

After we woke up, we spoiled Miss B with her new summertime collar and a big bone. 

What a good model. 

Now for dessert and more sleep....