Monday, July 15, 2013


Today is the day! Big Sur Marathon sign up. I AM IN!! 


The main marathon registration sold out in 59 minutes! Crazy!! I have been a little apprehensive about scheduling anything after Chicago because of how long it took me to recover after the Vegas Marathon in December of last year. (I do NOT want to add any DNS [Did Not Start] races to my calendar.) That doesn't mean I can't plan for the future and a late spring marathon seems to be the perfect follow up to a fall marathon! Not to mention one of the most scenic races in the country.

Big Sur Marathon is on my bucket list of marathons and is consistantly voted one of, or the most scenic and "best destination" marathon in the US. Runner's World voted it "one of the best marathons in the country, behind Boston and New York. There is even a Boston to Big Sur challenge, which is to run both marathons one week apart. (I think the California hills will be enough challenge for this Florida girl)

I still can't quite believe it is real. I am going to run those hills and over that bridge. It really will be a dream come true. Even better, I will be running with a great group of friends. Party in California April 2014! 

The excitement level of getting in is registering for the Vegas marathon times 1000. Anyone else get in? Run Big Sur before? 

One thing is for sure, lots of hill workouts in 2014 and I cannot wait!