Friday, July 19, 2013

Five Things Friday

Finally Friday!! Just a few hours until freedom! Until then, here are a few things that are making my day a little happier.

1. This face: 

She comes home in one week! We are already bonded.

Chaos, family of four, and a house full of dog hair, here we come!

2. This dinner:

Beet Pesto Pasta. I found the recipe on Eat, Live, Run and it is freaking amazing. Even if you don't like beets, I don't care. Try it, it's delicious. Added bonus: the prettiest pasta you will ever eat. Look for the recipe later today or tomorrow. And get excited- this is a good one!

3. 5 Days left until I can try to run again! Shhhh. I am only sharing this with the internet. Don't tell my physical therapist. My leg is feeling better, but I understand that it needs more time. I am just hoping not too much more time. Headed to the gym after work to hang out on the dreaded elliptical. I may even get all kinds of crazy and get in the pool/gulf for a workout this weekend. Keeping up the fitness to come back strong. 

4. Guest Post Surprise! Some of the biggest badasses in running competed in a little race this week, the Badwater Ultramarathon. 135 grueling miles through Death Valley in scorching 120 degree heat. Makes that long run (that I should be experiencing, but hopefully you will) look a little less daunting. One of our friends was fortunate enough to crew for the race. Not only did he help pace, but his runner lead the pack and placed second over all! Eric is an avid runner, ultramarathoner, and published writer, so he has wonderful perspective on both the race and atmosphere of an ultra. I am so excited that he is willing to share his experience here. (Check out his runner and crew pic here!- #21 - yeah, Badwater made Buzzfeed)

5. Gulf Coast Runners Southstreet Social Tonight! One of the very best things about being involved in a running club is the people you meet. It is rare to meet an unfriendly runner, thus a whole group of runners is just a good time. If you are in Naples, head over to Southstreet around 6PM. If you aren't a member, it is $25 to join and you get free food and booze tonight! Not a bad deal. 

How could you not want to hang out with these people?!

What are you up to this weekend? Let me live vicariously through your long runs and training.