Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Food, food, food

Miles today: 2.0 miles, easy, AM, 3.05 miles, PM treadmill
Miles in 2013: 641.06 miles

In the past few months I have gotten an number of questions about what exactly I eat and when. Answer: a lot and all the time. A number of blogs do "What I ate Wednesday" which I like, because I am always curious to see if there is some food (ok, candy) I am missing out on. (Probably not the real reason they are posting, but whatevs) I literally eat all day long, about every 2-3 hours. No shame, I am a hungry girl. But I do eat a plant based diet, with seafood thrown in a couple times a week. (Not going to give up sushi anytime soon- although I eat a lot of veggie sushi these days) If you work or juggle kids, it can be super tough to balance getting in the right foods at the right times, and sometime you just have to take one for the team and eat whatever is around. I figured today would be a great day to go over what I ate and when. (It also helps that we are having Larry's mom over for dinner, because it will be better than normal and very photogenic)

If I am running more than 5 miles I will have half a luna bar or zone bar before my run. Today was super short, so no pre-run nourishment. I know you probably have heard it only 10,000 times but breakfast really is the most important of the day, and the one I happen to like the best. During the week, I try to go as simple as I can. I was eating eggs in a wrap or MorningStar Breakfast biscuits, but have cut back on both because I am trying to eat less processed food and more fruits and veggies. Most often I have toast with peanut butter, a touch of raspberry honey, chia seeds, and bananas with a side of fruit. Today I miraculously had a little extra time and whipped up this little creation.

 Blueberry and chocolate chip quinoa bowl. I got the recipe here, but halved it for one person. I think I may need to try this again. My version was ok...but maybe a bit off.

Snack time was at 10. Today was a cheese stick.Usually (if I haven't already had a banana at bfast) I will eat a banana with peanut butter for snack. It's my fave.

For lunch we actually had a vendor bring in lunch! This can go either way for me. Often lunch meetings won't have healthy food or veggies, but today was awesome and even had a vegetable pasta option.

Um, you can't forget about desserts. I have a little something sweet after lunch everyday. One of my friends got me seriously hooked on sea salted dark chocolate and usually I have one piece after lunch. Luckily lunch today came with dessert! Jackpot!

This is what I had:

A lil' goes a long way.

Snack time again around 3:30 was left over white bean and avocado salad in a whole wheat wrap.

I am obsessed with that salad. It was followed by one milano cookie. Couldn't resist.

Nor could I resist a couple chips and mango peach salsa that Larry had as a little dinner appetizer. The dinner menu was barbecue salmon, blackberry salsa, and roasted sweet potatoes. 

Annnnnd dessert. Chocolate covered marshmallows.

Got in a second run and still had time to make dinner and have chocolate covered marshmallows. Pretty good for a Wednesday.