Thursday, July 11, 2013

Hard, Happy Running

Miles today: 6.0 mile tempo run, .25 mile warm up, 53:15 min
Miles in 2013: 605.35 miles

Damn, did I need that run. Like I have said, my confidence has not been in the best place for the past two weeks. This morning definitely help edge it in the right direction. Not that I was breaking any current speed records, but I ran well and every mile was below goal marathon pace. Boom.

We woke up extra early to try to fit in  warm up and cool down miles, but two snoozes left us just enough time for a (very) short warm up and cool down that consisted of driving to Einstein Bagel. Oh well. Next week. 

The run never felt entirely easy, but I never struggled too much, and definitely could have gone farther. (Although I am happy I didn't have to) The third mile was 40 seconds under pace and I worried that I wouldn't be able to hold the pace for the remaining half. I slowed just slightly, but not much. Part of the run could was just nice, enjoyable even. And I don't tend to say that about tempo runs. Larry and I ran in sync and were just perfectly silent and comfortable. (Lately our runs have not been so pleasant because I have struggled and we I get frustrated at each other with myself.) The beautiful sunrise didn't hurt either. Miles 5 & 6 were tough, but we kept pushing and finished strong. And were even rewarded with a rainbow. 

Rainbows and a good run?! What could be better?

Yep, that made the morning better. 

Seriously though, that run really helped boost my motivation and confidence. It also boosted my appetite. 'Cause I was eating this at 9 AM because I was so hungry. Again.

And let's just be honest. The edamame was really just a vehicle to get more salt in. 

Also two big things about today. (Thursday) #1 If you are in Naples and at all interested in helping out our local Girls on the Run chapter, there is an informal information session and social at Fit & Fuel at 6 PM. Going to be fun and I will be there :) #2 Apparently today is FREE SLURPEE DAY. WHAT. Seriously. Those sprite zero slurpees are the shizz. It is hot out. You probably need a slurpee and don't even know it. Hydrate.