Saturday, July 13, 2013

Ice, Advil, Rest, Repeat

Miles today: rest, paddle boarding
Miles in 2013: 610.41 miles

I was/am so bummed I couldn't do our long 12 mile run this morning. My left achilles is still hating me and the feeling is mutual. Ice, ibuprofen, physical therapy, repeat. 

(Damn is it time for a pedicure or what? Ew.)

Hoping to maybe be able to run tomorrow. If not, I am not overly concerned. 12 miles isn't a ton and I would rather be better in the long run than deal with this 4 weeks from now. Regardless, we had a pretty super Saturday. 

We took Bailey out to breakfast and down to the beach early morning.

We took her home and came back with the paddle boards. Unfortunately the weather has been a little unpredicatble and the wind picked up as we were coming back. The current was ripping by the time I got on the water, and well, I didn't last long out there. 

 This was supposed to be a pic of Larry on the water but oh well. The water was gorgeous for about 10 minutes...

Instead of spending the morning and afternoon on the water we opted for lunch at one of my fave spots.

 Food and Thought, a local organic grocery store in Naples, has daily raw, vegan meals that are to die for. That "sushi" was freaking phenom. 

I got a little physical therapy later in the afternoon. 

 Thanks Mom!!

And back to icing as I type. Hope everyone else got some happy miles in this morning! (I am a little jealous, but would love to hear about anyone else's good run!