Monday, July 1, 2013

June Recap and July Goals

Miles today: 6 miles, plus some, 57:34 min (freaking garmin lost its satellite reception)
Miles in 2013: 569.96 miles

We ran in pouring and then drizzling rain. The garmin stopped working around mile 4, but the run beat a hot, humid run any day of the week. 

This pic says, hey. I just ran over 6 miles in the pouring rain. Get me some sake and sushi. Stat.

More importantly.


June was full of family and quick trips. It was also the official start of Chicago Marathon training. I did not set clear cut goals for June, only to safely ease back into training and to start upping mileage. Mission accomplished. I broke 500 miles for 2013 and am pumped to continue. 

The month started out with a great showing of team Will Tri For Mimosas at the Naples Fitness Challenge. (There are rumors that the team members will be participating in the Key West Tri later this year and possibly the Gulf to Gulf 80. Just throwing that out there....) 

I have also spent some time fitting in workouts while traveling here and there. Wettest run: Boston!

Run that made 7 miles seem like 7000: Forest Park, St. Louis

This face just says, put me out of my misery. 

Favorite running moment: Boston Strong, Boston Finish Line


Then there was the food, family & friends, and beers. What a freaking awesome month. 

July is (I say this now) looking a little more relaxed with more time hanging out in our casa. July goals are: stretching daily. Strengthening AT LEAST 2-3 times per week. Hitting weekly running goals, especially those tempo runs, cooking more at home (from my awesome new veggie cook book! Thanks Christine!) And finally - getting to bed earlier. I realize I am up at 11 PM typing this before a 5 AM work out.... but starting tomorrow. Seriously. I need more sleep. If it wasn't for the newly acquired iced coffee addiction, I would be a zombie. 

Oh and I almost forgot, running the Firecracker 5K on the 4th! 

Who is racing this week?!? Yay for summer!!!