Friday, July 12, 2013

Learning Lessons

Miles today: 5.06 miles, easy 
Miles in 2013: 610.41 miles

So glad I had my friend Christine to run with this morning! My live-in running partner bailed at the last minute. We had a great, easy sunrise run. 

In every training cycle I learn valuable lessons. The past 48 hours I got one of those lessons. This is for the ladies. If you are training, running higher mileage, and work on your feet all day, you CANNOT WEAR HEELS. Tempo run great, legs felt good all day. I wore my favorite wedges from 8 AM until 6PM.  So cute. Three inches.

Like I said, the run this morning went well, but after the first mile, my left achilles tendon started aching. It continued throughout the rest of the run. I almost stopped because of it around mile 4, but pushed through. After getting home and stretching the aching became outright pain. I iced and iced before work and started gulping down ibuprofen immediately. My friendly PT said she thought the heels all day had caused some serious irritation in the achilles and to ice more and take a rest day. Bye, bye 12 miler tomorrow morning. Sad face. Keeping my fingers crossed for a miracle tomorrow and long run Sunday.

But valuable lesson learned. Bye, bye favorite work shoes:

Bye, bye favorite new shoes (for the next few days anyway)

Hello, responsible shoes.

 Not really, but why can't all cute shoes just feel like Danskos?

Either way, tomorrow is a rest day and it's the weekend so I will be living in my rainbows.
Happy Friday!