Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tuesday Catch Up

Miles Saturday: 11.62 miles
Miles yesterday: 6.01 miles, easy
Miles in 2013: 636.01 miles

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Saturday was my first long(ish) run since my high heel wearing stupidity. Three weeks off was a long time and it felt good to finish. No Garmins or big groups. Just Larry and I running through the raindrops. Little Lucy had a rough night and we got about 2 hours of total sleep. At 4:45 AM we pretty much gave up on sleep and went out into the thunderstorm for a run. In my mind I negotiated at least a 6 mile run, but once I passed the 3 mile point, I kept going. At our nine mile run halfway mark, I felt ok and decided to go the whole 11 with Larry. 

We split an energy gel at mile 6. Guess what else was out of practice? My tummy. Yep, Saturday was another first for me in training: sneaking into a gated construction site in desperation for a port-o-potty at mile 6.5. Thank god I am small enough to sneak through loosely chained gates. After all that icky-ness, the run was pleasant. The rain had dropped the temp and humidity and it was actually nice for a July morning! 

The rest of the weekend was spent taking care of this face. 

Well worth the lack of sleep and messy house. 

Yesterday, we fit in another rainy six miles at the end of the day. Again, the rain made the temperatures pleasant. Larry and I took a different route and just chatted away for about an hour. No worrying about a garmin or time. I do think we kept a decent pace for an easy run, which made me happy since I was a little nervous after the 11 miles on Saturday and decided on the day off Sunday. Coming back after being hurt or sick is never easy, but I (fingers crossed) think it shouldn't be too bad this week. 

After we got home and dried off, I made a super easy warm shrimp salad. Recipe to come later this week. Unfortunately my husband has been using our measuring cup to measure little Lucy's dog food. The cup was sitting on the counter looking relatively clean, so I used it to measure out the coconut milk. Oops. Definitely not clean and I realized it definitely too late to start over. Larry freaked out, but the shrimp still tasted pretty damn good. Imagine how much better it would have been sans puppy food particles...

Today I hung at physical therapy and watched Orange is the New Black. I'm hooked.