Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Puppy love and a speed workout

Miles today: 5.35 miles, 5 x 1000m, one mile warm up, 400 cool down
Miles in 2013: 599.1 miles

Today's workout wasn't easy, but it got done. Thanks to the afternoon thunderstorms, it got done on the treadmill. the 1000m were done at an average 8:27 pace. I was not thrilled with my pace. I was tired, but did run hard and finished strong. More importantly, other than running and working, my day was filled with 4 legged animal love.

Lunch with my main girl. Love her to bits! 

Post work out, we went to look at 5 little bundles of fur. Dyyyyying.

We are debating about getting a second puppy. I was obsessed with all of these sweet faces, but am nervous about adding another member to our little family. Anyone else have two dogs? Two dogs and kids? Such a big decision for us, especially with all the time we are out of town. Will keep you updated... or just keep adding cute pictures.

Melt my heart.