Thursday, July 18, 2013

One Week...

I am typing while making a sad face. Just a warning. After my 4 miler on Tuesday, my leg started hurting. Not soreness, but actual pain. Again. I had my physical therapist (Mom) treat me yesterday afternoon. The pain was much more point tender and I had that crunchy thing going on in my leg leg. (Do you know what I am talking about? It is a weird crunchy sensation, kinda like rubbing 2 pieces of felt together in your achilles? That is probably a piss poor way of describing it, but nothing else comes to mind)

Anyhow, she seems to think I have posterior tibial tendonitis. It blows. It also puts a serious damper on my training schedule. I asked what she would tell a patient (not me) if they had the same diagnosis. She said two weeks, no running. Um, what? Could you speak into my good ear??

So I have resolved to do no running for one week (from yesterday). I am surprisingly ok with this. I had some strong runs last week and feel great (other than that damn leg) Even on my 4 mile crap run on Tuesday, I was easily under marathon pace. I know there is still lots of hard work (and one week off may make it even harder) but I need to recover the smart way. And yes, I realize that I am only taking half the recommended time off. I will re-evaluate next week and go from there. I tend to make poor decisions, but this will  not be one of them. (I hope)

In much better, happier, and sunnier news, let me introduce Lucy!!

She is the newest member of our family and a little ball of love. We are going to visit her one last time before we get to take her home next weekend. So basically what I am saying is, expect about 1000 puppy pictures on here in the upcoming weeks. #obsessed

Happy Almost Friday!