Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Rest Day

Miles today: rest! stretching and foam rolling
Miles in 2013: 569.96 miles

So I woke up this morning and mechanically got out of bed, dressed, and out the door to the gym for a speed workout. Once in the car, I realized how icky I felt. Sore throat and kinda feverish. Awesome. I turned around and went straight back to bed. 

Today is going to be an extremely long, hard day. I do not want to feel like crap on the 4th or the weekend and one workout is not worth it. So I switched days. Rest today, speed workout tomorrow, race Thursday. You know, because I like a challenge. In the mean time, I will be sucking down vitamins, zinc, and soup in an effort to feel better ASAP. 

In my St. Louis post, I left out one of my favorite parts of the trip, the St. Louis Zoo. Such a great zoo (and not just because they also serve beer there) We walked the entire zoo and decided we I need a baby elephant. No, really. Anyway, Larry put the brakes on that idea, but he didn't stop me from obnoxiously taking 2000 pics. Sorry kids, mama's got to get her picture. You are welcome.

One more real work day left of the week....oh wait unless you are me. One more day until a day off. Just doesn't sound as good.....