Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Running in the Rain

Miles today: questionable...
Miles in 2013:

So after my little jaunt yesterday, I stretched and iced and took ibuprofen. My leg still hurts. Only more today. Not happy. It doesn't hurt as bad as Friday or Saturday, but I am definitely aware of it. @&*%# damn heels. I am so pissed. I have physical therapy after work today, but I am missing a speed workout and my seven mile tempo run looks like it is in jeopardy tomorrow. All I really want to do is sit and whine, and then go run. Instead I am drowning my sorrows in this: 

This stuff is like peanut butter and crunched up cookies on acid. Slather on a banana and prepare yourself for the best snack ever. 

Anyhow, since south Florida has been more like a constant monsoon lately, running in the rain is a guarantee if you are running outside. 

I used to absolutely hate running in the rain, but the past six months have changed my mind. 

If you are dressed appropriately, the rain can actually be a refreshing change of pace from the stifling heat and humidity. Dressed appropriately are the key words there. 

First, and most importantly, are good socks. Cotton socks are just a poor decision here. My hands down favorites are Swiftwick and Pro Compression.

I ran just under 14 straight miles in pouring rain in my ProCompression marathon socks without getting a single blister or sore spot. My feet were totally happy (Although the rest of me was not) I was expecting the absolute worst, and was thrilled to find that I made a great decision that morning. Would recommend them without hesitation.

 I picked up a couple pairs of Swiftwick socks at a race expo. Love at first wear. They are great and I have run countless wet, long runs in them with no issues whatsoever. That drenching half that I ran the ProCompressions in, my friend wore these. She raved about them nonstop.  During the summer I can't stand running with knee high compression socks because of the heat and the Swiftwick Aspire Zeros are all I have been running in. 

As for clothing to wear when raining, again, cotton is a bad, bad thing. I actually like tight, dry fit clothes if it is going to be a wet run. Although I love my running skirts, I would much rather be logging miles in spandex in the rain. Same goes up top. Loose, flow-y tops are annoying and can be very heavy after an hour or so in the rain. If it is cold and rainy, a fitted long sleeve it exactly what you need. 

See? Still smiling after 7 miles. 

The last important aspect of a rainy run is a visor or glasses or both. When it is pouring, it's nice to have something to keep the rain out of your eyes. Unless it is freezing, I hate hats, so visor it is. Makes a big difference. I am obsessed with my Oakley running sunglasses, so if it is bright out and rainy, they are on. 

 (No rainy sunglasses pics, but whatevs. Best running glasses I have tried)

So running in the rain, not necessarily a bad thing. If you are in Florida, just watch out for afternoon thunderstorms with crazy lightning. No amount of dry fit clothing or comfy socks will get you out of that...