Sunday, July 14, 2013

So. Much. Rain.

Miles today: more rest

Seriously. Will it ever stop raining in Florida?

I woke up at 6 AM, hoping to possibly get in a little run. Unfortunately, my leg is still a little sore and  it was hurricane-ing outside. Instead of getting up, I went back to sleep. Waking up with no alarm is heavenly.

We checked out the beach and all of the flooded streets before trying to be productive around the house. There were more messes than than cleaning, but I did get a few things accomplished. Namely, grocery shopping and a menu plan for the week. Basically, I can't run so I'm focusing on the next logical thing - food!

(So much healthy food)

That and analyzed how we can make up these missed days due to my crappy leg. We can get to that later, but for now here is the meal plan for the week:

Sunday: Quinoa & Black Bean Casserole
Monday: Grilled Tempeh with Pineapple Salad
Tuesday: Easy Lentils and Rice
Wednesday: Beet Pesto Spaghetti
Thursday: Quinoa Buffalo Sliders with seasoned oven fries
Friday: Out!

(These may get shuffled around, due to scheduling)

Lunches will be leftovers, but I am also going to make a big batch of Avocado White Bean Salad for lunch and snacking.  Hopefully at least one or two of these meals will be edible and I will be able to post them! Hope everyone had a great weekend with a little more sunshine and a little less rain!