Monday, August 26, 2013

Marathon Training Week 11 Recap

Miles today: 0
Miles in 2013: 762.82 miles

Ugh. Monday. I haven't run yet, but am planning on getting a few miles in between work and puppy class. My brain is still in a haze from the weekend and mini Breaking Bad marathon last night. Anyhow, let's chat about week 11 training. first, how is it week 11?? Time is FLYING. The good news is that I am really starting to feel the training come together. I realized this about mile 14 of my 16 mile run on Saturday. Good stuff. 

So last week. I deviated off the prescribed training schedule because I had been so unmotivated (read: lazy) the week before. I threw in an extra mini faster-than-goal-pace run Monday. I think I was just running fast so as not to get hit by lightning, but hey, whatever works. Tuesday I rested after the 10 mile Monday. Wednesday was a slightly abbreviated strength workout. (To work on this week: GET UP EARLIER so I don't have to force myself to cut workouts short to make it to work on time. Will see how this plays out tomorrow...)  I also got another therapeutic massage and spent some quality time in the compression boots at Movdria Wednesday afternoon. (More on this later) Thursday made my heart so happy. I slowed down just a touch (but still a few seconds under goal marathon pace) and killed an 8 mile tempo run. Legs felt good and I had energy to spare at the end. My confidence and mental health totally needed it. I wanted to back flips after I finished. Friday I cut the workout in half and just did a very easy sunrise 3 miler. 

Saturday was our long run. We started around 5:15 AM to beat the heat. The first miles were really slow and I wasn't feeling great. After about 3 miles, I began to feel a little better. I took a margarita shot blok at mile 5 with a couple salt packets and started feeling much better.  Gulf Coast Runners was holding a bagel run at 6:30 AM, so we met up with them around mile 7. So nice to have a bunch of people to run with and we started picking up the pace a bit. I took an energy gel at mile 10 and another chomp and more salt at mile 13. Unfortunately, I didn't do so hot on selecting a route because we got close to the bagels at Naples on the Run but still needed 2 miles. The time spent weaving through neighborhoods was not appreciated by Larry. I thought I was going to kill me (if he had the strength after 15 miles) The bestest, happiest part was my energy level at the end. I absolutely could have kept running and other than a little soreness, felt great. Happy as a little clam and maybe a little smarter too. 
Things I learned on this long run. #1: SALT. Oh salt packets, you are my newest, best friend. Why have I not been doing this before? I felt so much better both during and after the run. Went well with the shot bloks and energy gel.  
#2: Real food is better than bars/gels/etc before my long run at 5 AM. I made a delish banana bread last week and it was nice and gentle on my tummy and did not make me want to gag. I actually ate it before a couple of runs this week. All with success. Will post the recipe once it is perfected. #3: Mixing it up. It was so nice to run a couple different routes, some with friends, some all by myself this week. 16 miles can get dull if it is always the same thing. (duh) I am really looking forward to running completely different routes next weekend. So that is about it for my week. Just under 45 miles. Legs and heart happy. 

A little addition to motivation Monday, a huge congrats to Eric Spencer on his incredible finish at the Lean Horse 100 Miler. Badass.