Monday, August 19, 2013

Motivation Monday

Miles today: 5.01 miles, 49 min, AM, 5.03 miles, 44:10 min
Miles Thursday: 3.48 miles
Miles in 2013: 727.87 miles

Today turned it around. Three days of relaxation and stretching recharged my legs and way more importantly, the crazy between my ears. We got up this morning to a gorgeous, crystal clear morning. Larry and I ran easy and enjoyed the quiet before the week. It was peaceful and comfortable. I wish I had a picture of how gorgeous the sunrise was, but just another reason to get up and watch it again tomorrow...

(earlier this summer)

This afternoon I wanted to fit in another 5 miles to make up for all the lazy over the weekend. Unfortunately, the weather this afternoon before I left my office was INSANE. Crazy lightning storm and heavy rain. I actually got an alert message for "urban flooding". I love the phrase, but seriously, that is a little ridic. Anyway, I got home and the sky had cleared a little and thunder wasn't as scary, so I decided to risk it and run outside. I threw on a hat and grabbed a cover for my phone and was off. Now I almost never listen to music when I run outside and lately I have hated every song on my iPod on the treadmill. I think that is really because I have spent too much time on the treadmill. Today I cranked up a little Tool and just ran hard. And god, it felt amazing. I ran significantly faster than my marathon pace, which may not have been entirely smart, but it was worth it. Pounding out miles at the end of a hard work day is the best, especially when you doubted you would be able to get in the miles. The work day slipped away and everything just came together. So worth running through the ran and lightning. (The fact that the temp dropped down to the mid 70's didn't hurt either.)

I had to bust ass to make it to lil' Lucy's training class, after which she was as exhausted as I was. 

 Oh she is the cutest ever. I only hope I sleep this well tonight.....