Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Potatoes for Breakfast

Miles today: 6.5 miles, 1.5 mile repeats
Miles in 2013: 769.32 miles

I did it. I made it to the gym before 5:30! Which would have been perfect except for the fact that I neglected to think how long 4x 1.5 mile repeats would take with warm up and cool down. Oops. I got in three before I had to bust a move to work. So close. But I felt good and definitely had it in me to finish the workout. Good to know. 

From here on out, instead of speed workouts, Tuesdays are "strength" workouts. They consist of longer repeats, up to 3 mile repeats. I actually like them much better than the speed workouts so far. The recommended pace is about 10 seconds faster than marathon pace. I also much prefer to do speed work in the afternoon, but with our schedule lately I get it in where I can.

In the early mornings, I usually need a little something to eat before a speed workouts or I tend to crash. Every bar, gel, etc looked repulsive this morning so I tried something a little different. Leftovers!

Delicious lobster tail dinner - Thanks Audrey!!

No I did have any crustaceans before my workout. Leftover plain baked potato. And it was pretty much perfect. Easy on the tummy and not too heavy. Anyone else use potatoes for pre-run fuel?

Tomorrow is a much needed rest day. I am going to have to split my tempo run up into a 2 a day because there just won't be enough time for everything on Thursday. This one is taking her first real road trip.
Which means tomorrow is my Friday! Happiness = three day weeks.