Friday, August 9, 2013

Running with the Fam

Miles today: 7.21 miles, easy 
Miles yesterday: 6.09 tempo run + .25 mile warm up and cool down, AM
Miles in 2013: 688.28 miles

So I totally started this post yesterday, and then between work and life, it never got finished. I had an great run this morning, mostly because my sister is in town and we got to run and chat for over 7 miles. 
Time flies when you are having fun! It also flies when you have 1000 things to catch up on. Catherine is running the ING Miami marathon in January. (I wasn't going to consider another one but....) 
On mornings like this it is so easy to think training for another race might not be so bad....Either way, I am over the moon that she (and my niece and nephews) are in town. 
Sweaty sisters pic
I am even more excited that we get the opportunity to enjoy a couple morning runs together.

Now for yesterday's half finished, I'm-to-busy-playing-with-the-puppy-to-blog post

Well. That was the workout I have been dreading/looking forward to/nervous about all week. I know this is not that hard of a workout but for some reason once I the Garmin on, my little inner voice gets a little cray. I try to keep her in check. 

Anyway, this (yesterday's) morning could almost, maybe be considered a mile repeat workout. Hot and humid morning. Summertime in Florida. I am just waiting for one of those morning when it is either pouring rain or by some miracle the humidity abates and running outside isn't like running through a steam room. Regardless, I didn't take water with me because I wasn't going "that far." At mile 2, I was already thirsty and drenched. At mile 3, I decided to just run back and forth between water fountains. Luckily along my route they are spaced almost perfectly one mile apart, so after mile 2, I grabbed water at every mile. It actually wasn't too horrible.

Nor was it horribly fast. Still have some work to do...

 Despite the oppressive humidity, it was a gorgeous, silent morning. I ran by myself with no music and was well under marathon goal pace. Unfortunately, time was a little short and I only got six in, instead of the eight I was hoping for. I was a little disappointed not to get all eight in, but considering that I was faster than goal pace and finished feeling ok, I know I could have finished the eight. Even doing six, I was STARVING within 10 minutes. Enter my largest breakfast order to date.  

I had already eaten the yogurt and wrap before I thought to take a pic. Pretty sure the Starbucks lady totally judged me for my order. Oh well. I am going to stop typing about yesterday's breakfast and start thinking about happy hour. Rainy afternoon cocktails anyone?

Happy Friday!!