Sunday, August 18, 2013

Taking some time...

Wow. It has been a minute. This weekend I have taken some time away from the blog, writing, running to relax. After a rough run Thursday, a couple fails in the kitchen, and a long work week, I have been totally unmotivated in general lately. We are just past the halfway mark for Chicago training and I needed to step back briefly. So that is exactly what I did. No writing, hardly any running, and lots of rest and sleep. I have recharged and am ready for the week. Sometimes it is good to be unproductive (uh, lazy works too) and relax. In short, I was kinda a bum this weekend and it was awesome. 

I spent some quality time with this girl.

I turned one of my kitchen disasters into a really good salad. (Failed corn cakes with a little avocado, tomato, salt, and lime juice)

I got prepared for the next week of training. 

And today I made a weekly dinner menu and played around the kitchen. Banana bread and a spinach and egg casserole for breakfasts this week. For dinner I made a mini mediterranean feast inspired by Cooking Light. With a little rosé wine, it was the perfect rainy summer night dinner. 

Cheers to starting a new week!