Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Number One Half Marathon in the US!

Miles yesterday: 6.0 miles, 6x800s
Miles today: Rest!
Miles in 2013: 674.48 miles

Just finished jamming out to a little STP and running 800s. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon. Not an easy workout but for my first speed workout, I was pretty happy. Being the good patient I am, the workout was immediately followed by stretching and ice. 

Even better, the leg didn't hurt at all during the workout or after. (I still ice my knees regardless)

In more important and fun news, The Naples Daily News Half Marathon opened registration last week!!! GO SIGN UP! Runner's World voted it the number one half marathon in the country and I have no doubts that they are absolutely correct. It is $40 registration right now, which is SO FREAKING CHEAP for a half marathon. Not to mention, a well supported course through one of the most spectacular neighborhoods in all of Florida. It is a smaller race and a great half if this is your first half marathon. It is flat and fast and a great course to PR on. (My half PR is here)

Other than a great race, the Naples Half is very sentimental to me. It usually falls on or the week of my birthday. (Just one more excuse for a big party) and was my first RACE ever way back in 2002. I have run every year since, with the exception of one year because I was in a car accident a few days before. Originally I ran the race with my mom and my sister. In the years following 2002, we have all run it together, I have run it just with my mom, and I have run it by myself. Larry and I ran it together for the first time in 2009 and have run it together since then. Friends from school have come down to visit and run and this year is going to be extra extra special because our group that met in Nashville for the Country Music Marathon is going to run the half together. 

(NDN 2013 Half)

(NDN 2012 Half - PRs all around!)

 (NDN 2011 Half)

(NDN 2010 Half)

 (NDN 2009 Half with my girl Megan)

And those are just the ones I have pics from Facebook. If you are in Florida (or any where else for that matter) this is worth the trip down here. The rest of the country will probably be covered in crappy ice and snow, while we will be having a blast in the sunshine. Think about it!