Thursday, August 22, 2013

Three Things Thursday

Miles today: 8.25 miles, 8 miles tempo run, 1:14 min
Miles in 2013: 741.6 miles

#1: I slept in today. And then woke up in a total funk. I was in a complete haze all day and no amount of diet coke or chocolate could make it better. For absolutely no reason. Go figure.

#2: I ditched all other obligations and decided to do my tempo run despite doing mile repeats yesterday. It was awful outside so my only option was the treadmill. Turns out my massage and the magical compression boots at Movadria did wonders. (or maybe it was the blizzard from DQ) My legs felt great and I crushed that 8 mile tempo run and at exactly marathon pace. Right on schedule. I had extra energy at the end and actually felt amazing. Mood lifted, check. Confidence boosted, check. Best therapy ever. 

#3: After my run was over and life was immediately so much better we headed over to a friends' house for a delicious dinner and dessert. 

Suddenly the day doesn't look too bad. And tomorrow is Friday! All is well.