Monday, August 5, 2013

Training Week 8 Recap

Miles today: 3.18 miles, easy treadmill  PM
Miles in 2013: 668.48 miles

Finished my week of recovery and on my way back to my regularly scheduled training. I had some runs that may me want to jump for joy and sing at the top of my lungs, and a long run that was harder than my last marathon. Coming back even after a week can be tough, and I know that, I am just happy to be running pain free.

So miles last week. There were more than 4, so I am already ahead of the previous two weeks! The PT recommended avoiding speed work and not running back to back days this week. Which I followed...for the most part. Wednesday, I felt so great running on the treadmill that I pushed the speed a little and did a couple one mile repeats faster than goal pace, but not so fast that I would qualify it as real speed work. It was a little test and I gave my little legs a passing grade. I rested Thursday and then did back to back workouts Friday and Saturday. I did this for a couple of reasons. First of all, Friday was exactly 4 weeks from when this whole achilles mess began. The leg was feeling much better and I had had multiple good workouts with no pain. Secondly, no matter how much I try to reassure myself, I am a little freaked at missing so many long runs and tempo runs. I needed a little mental boost to just know I could survive the long run. Thirdly (is that even a word?) I wanted to kick my ass in gear and do the long run on somewhat tired legs to get back on track.

Friday's workout was fine. Did a 10K on the treadmill late afternoon because of the heat. I kinda jumped around on the speed, but kept it reasonably easy. 

Saturday was a whole other story. There is a line between pushing yourself and overheating and I was dancing all over it. We woke up before five to try and beat the summer heat. Friday night had been amazing temp-wise, so my hopes were high. Mother Nature had other plans in store. We walked outside and frankly, it was like a bad joke. Over 80 degrees of the most humid, gross air. At least we would be done early (ish). We ran three miles before meeting up with the GCR group at 6. I started drinking gatorade at mile 3 because I was worried about dehydration already. We headed south and for a short bit, the temp and humidity actually seemed to drop. We stopped for water between miles 6 and 7. I was feeling not hot so I took down my gel and finished off the first of my water bottle. I stopped again for more water at mile 9. One bottle over the head and neck, then filled it up and pushed on. (I really could have used one of Spencer's iced bandannas at this point...) I struggled. I slowed down. I made it to mile 12 for more water and more gel and pushed on. As we were closing in on home, with about a half a mile left, I had to stop and walk. I was light headed and crampy and no amount of water or gu was helping. I felt like that last .5 mile was at a crawl. I finished and immediately stripped down and fell into the pool.

The good: I finished and I pushed through. The bad: 14 miles was that hard. I definitely lost a little fitness over those 2 weeks. The ugly? Pretty much all of it. 

Although the heat and humidity made for a rough run, I absolutely love where we live. A lot of people complain about the heat or long summer. I would tough out runs every weekend to enjoy all this:

Not to mention, how awesome running at 70 degrees is going to be. Sometimes summer training is better training! Especially when you can celebrate with a little bubbly.