Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Workout Wednesday

Miles today: 4x1 mile, 5.5 miles total  
Miles in 2013: 733.35 miles

Not going to lie, I struggled to get out of bed this morning. Must have been the blue moon. (The real blue moon, not the beer, for all who know me...) But once I actually got running, it was kind of awesome. I think I may have had more fun before 7 AM than most people do all day. My friend Leigh was totally right, with the Hanson Plan life is somehow better once the strength workouts start. Or maybe its just knowing you are halfway through training...  Regardless, I did mile repeats, but unfortunately only had time for 4 instead of six. Happily, I had more than enough energy to finish 6, but no time.  

Lil post workout selfie action

While I was running I thought a lot about my workouts and paces and goals. The pace workout for my goal time was not easy, but in no way did I find myself struggling. I have had so much anxiety and mental negativity and doubt over my tempo runs. For the most part I have been struggling on them since the beginning. Ironically, when I am not running for time or a specific tempo run, I am pretty damn close to goal pace. (Also, why am I so crazy...) When I think back on my times for the tempo runs, I have been running them 10-20 seconds faster than goal pace. Maybe partly because I am pushing myself when I run with Larry? Regardless of the reason, I really need to work on running the right pace for the right workout. I think slowing down the tempo runs just slightly will definitely improve both my confidence and the success of 10 mile tempo runs in the very near future. Alright so enough deep thoughts on the treadmill. I ran until the absolute last minute I could spare before heading home to get ready for work. The morning got even better when my not-so-secret admirer left me a note.

I iced with the Lucy watching on.

My legs got even happier after an end of the day massage and quality time in the compression boots at Movadria.

Oh yeah and I totally ended my day this way. 

Just fueling up for tomorrow's run....