Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Beachy Yoga

Miles today: 2.88 miles
Miles in 2013: 843.88 miles

Today was supposed to be a rest day. It ended up kinda being a rest day. I took an unplanned rest day on Monday and wanted to get some miles in, but time only allowed close to three. I didn't mind because our Naples Juniors meeting was yoga on the beach at sunset. 

A local yoga instructor came and taught a mini class after our short meeting. Pretty spectacular, if you could ignore the bugs. It was such an amazing way to end the day and the perfect midweek relaxation. 

It definitely made me want to make the extra effort to get my ass to class when I have time.

Beach yoga should be a requirement for everyone in Florida.  (If the temp was a few degrees cooler and minus the bugs - it would have been heavenly.)

Lucky for me (and Larry) I thought ahead and pre made everything for a delicious white pizza, which we had after yoga. 

I am so relaxed - how can there really be two work days left? Hope everyone had a great hump day!