Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Dash 'n' Dine

Miles today: 6.51 miles
Miles in 2013: 841 miles

Tonight I actually got it together and made it to the Gulf Coast Runner's Dash'n Dine. Yay me. (Basically that means I didn't slack and came home from work, got in my running clothes and hit the road - this almost never happens) The Dash 'n Dine series is one the second Tuesday of every month. Gulf Coast Runners hosts it and basically members and people who are interested in joining, meet at 6 PM at Naples on the Run. The runners run from the store through Freedom Park and can run anywhere from 2-4+ miles. There are all paces and at the end of the run there is free food and more importantly, free beer. It is always one of my favorite events during the summer, but because of rain and work and training,  I have not made it to a single one this summer, until tonight. #fail

We started out the evening with a few announcements and the group sang (yes, you read that correctly) the National Anthem. No one's eardrum shattered, so a win all around. 

(I think there was sweat all over my phone - hotness)

I ran with a friend who is training for a marathon the week before Chicago. It was hot and strangely enough, kind of windy, but not too bad. I even wore a hat most of the run which never happens. They raffled off a visor later in the night, but sadly I did not win. (Side note, I really want a visor but am too lazy to go buy one...) 

Anyway, we finished up to pizza, Moe's burritos and beers. Also, because I can't control myself in a shoe store I ended up ordering another pair of the Brooks Ravennas. I have put some serious mileage on the pair I have now and want another pair to run Chicago in. The week is automatically better because I have new shoes to look forward to on Friday. 

I ran home and whipped up the quickest dinner ever (salmon salad in 10 min) in order to be in bed by 10. Success. Considering skipping rest day tomorrow since I rested yesterday.... 

Regardless I am sleeping in tomorrow (if you consider 6:30 puppy wake up sleeping in)