Thursday, September 26, 2013

FitNation & Fit2Run Running Social

Miles today: rest
Miles in 2013: 931.98

One of the amazing things that has come from starting the blog is the opportunity to connect and meet some pretty incredible people. Through a reader, and now friend, I was introduced to FitNation and the owner Stan. He has put together a supportive and encouraging community of diverse athletes from all over SW Florida and puts it into print, social media, and events. I am lucky enough to be able to write for FitNation and share my random ramblings on running, for those who enjoy run-on sentences and an occasional hot mess.

Anyway, last night was a FitNation social at Fit2Run, an awesome running store in Estero. 

(photo courtesy of Sammy Duffy Photography

Me inside of Fit2Run is like a kid in a candy store. (Who else would walk out spending over $50 worth of energy gels and Shot Bloks??) Fah-reak-ing awesome. Did I mention the sleeve of Powerbar tangerine energy gels? Yeah, I need to get a life...

The group met a little before 6:30 to do a short run before the social.

(photo courtesy of Sammy Duffy Photography

Who is the a-hole in the background???

I'm guessing the one taking this shot...

Anyway, we had a fun short run with few friends followed by beers and Moe's burritos at the store. There were a ton of vendors and a few raffles. (I won nothing. Then again you actually have to sign up to win something...) It was a great night of running and hanging with some of my favorite running people. Lots of who will be at the Tower of Terror in just a few short days...

(Thanks Leigh for all the inspiration this summer!)

Happy almost Friday!