Monday, September 30, 2013

It's October! Week 16 Recap

Miles today: 5.11 miles, tempo run
Miles Saturday: 14.01 miles
Miles in 2013: 951.1 miles

If you used your imagination, it was definitely a little cooler around sunset tonight. It really is FALL!!!
Luckily fall in Naples equals 70 degrees, lower humidity, and sunsets that don't fail. Larry and I were going to take a quick easy run, which with the nice weather and competitive spirit became a tempo run except the tempo was significantly faster than my marathon goal pace. Probably unnecessary but legs felt great. I am going to have to reign it in a little over the taper, but that is a pretty great feeling.

Since I have been recapping every week during training, a September recap may be a little overkill and extra boring for a Monday night.

So week 16, also known as taper time. I actually rested a ton last week. I don't think I have taken this many days off since my little achilles injury. The legs needed it and my schedule was slammed. I had a super strong strength workout on Tuesday, followed by a two-a-day wednesday with a bunch of miles at marathon goal pace. I rested Thursday and Friday. Saturday, despite being slightly hungover from bubbles and girls night, ran 14 miles just slightly slower than goal pace. 
I ended strong and despite feeling not-so-hot, ran remarkably well with minimal effort. The total was right at 30 miles. (Below what I should be, but I am not stressing - look at me being all rational) And for actually tapering I am surprised how well I feel. 

The schedule isn't so crazy this week, so I will be sticking to the schedule a little more closely. Check out my newest FitNation post here and happy Monday!!!