Monday, September 9, 2013

Let's play catch up...

Miles yesterday: 4.02 miles, easy
Miles Saturday: 17.47 miles, long run
Miles Friday: 6.2 miles, easy
Miles Thursday: 3.3 miles, AM, 5.23 miles, PM
Miles in 2013: 834.49 miles

Get ready, this is going to be a long one. So I started this post on Friday. I started a second on Saturday to chat all about my long run, but after the gator loss, I lost my will to be productive. Sunday I made up for the drop in productivity, but had a ton of other crap to get done complicated by a broken garage and constantly peeing puppy. We had an awesome dinner with friends last night that ended up going a little late, so here we are on Monday morning. Sleepy and already behind for the week. 
Here is what I started on Friday:

Despite this being a short week, am I the only one who feels as though it has gone so slowly?? I finally got some mileage in, but it hasn't been easy. I don't know why but I have been BEYOND exhausted this week. Like barely able to get out of bed, nap after work, and early to bed type exhausted. For days. I had to absolutely drag myself out to run and even then I felt zapped of all energy. 

Two pregnancy tests later, I am not pregnant, but thought that could be the explanation. So I have bulked up on the healthy foods and been in bed before 10 PM for the past two nights. Today is the first day I have felt somewhat human (but I still may take a nap between work and happy hour....)"

That is it. Five days and two short paragraphs about being lazy tired. Wowser. And I did take a nap between happy hour. Larry and I had a little date night and were passed out at 10:30. We are so old. (And definitely not pregnant!)

Let's just recap the week, since it is Monday now and I would normally be doing that anyway. Like I said, last week - exhaustion. I forced myself out of bed and into my running shoes Thursday morning. The tempo run was a no go. It took all my energy to get moving, so an easy run was better than no run. I took an hour nap after work and hit the road again for my second easy run of the day. At least I got close to the amount of mileage. Pace, yeah, not so much. But the sunset was gorgeous and a few minutes of breathing the salty air made me feel better.

Friday I felt better getting up and ran a totally different route. Unfortunately my stomach wasn't feeling so hot. Thank god my parents' house was nearby, otherwise there could have been big troubles. The sunrise Friday morning was spectacular. Pictures don't even do it justice. 
I was a little nervous for Saturday morning. I was feeling better, but lets be honest, at 4:40AM no one is feeling great. I changed up my routine a little and had a piece of toast with a small amount of pumpkin cream cheese on it before we left the house. I also grabbed a bag o salt, energy gel, and a Margarita Shot Blok. Larry and I planned on running about  5-6 miles before meeting up with the group to run the rest. I was thankful he ran those first miles with me, but when we met up with the group, he headed home and I headed south. I was so lucky and happy that my childhood friend and her running friend decided to run that morning. (THANK YOU GIRLS!!!) I was warmed up but we started a little faster than my normal long run pace. I was a little nervous to keep it up, but didn't have a problem. I ran with them for about 7 1/2 miles (I grabbed water and fuel at mile 8, 12, &15) We ran back into a neighborhood and I ended up going a little farther than expected. I was feeling good and turned around just before mile 13 to head home. I realized I was farther away from home than planned but was feeling strong and pushed through. It was peaceful running by myself and those last few miles flew by. Saturday's goal was 16 miles but at that point, I decided to keep going. At 17, I stopped to walk for a second and then since I was so close, ran the rest of the way home. Lucky for me Larry and Lucy were talking a walk and came out to meet me. 
Long run take home- despite a crappy week, I had a great run. I am so so (SO) glad I had great people to run with, but more importantly, felt strong on those last 6 miles. I could have kept going. Legs felt good. No knee pain and an occasional twinge from my achilles, but nothing major. Lil' stretching, lots of foam rolling, and some ice did the trick. 

And then the gator game made me want to sit and cry into my recovery beer.... 

Sunday, I let myself sleep in and it was glorious. I did a quick 4 mile, easy treadmill run and felt really good. Like I- could-run-way-more-if-the-gym-wasn't-closing, type good. Which was followed by a delicious vegetarian enchilada fiesta with friends. The weekend totally made up for a crappy week and extra crappy football. (The cute puppy helps too)
So there it is. Week 13. Not preggo. Got over my weird exhaustion and still ran 42.47 miles. Boom.