Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Running on Rest Days

Miles yesterday: 3 x 2 miles, strength workout, 8.25 miles total
Miles today: 5.02 miles, easy
Miles in 2013: 887.82 miles

Phew. Just over a half marathon in between leaving work yesterday evening and getting here this morning. Obviously it was a venti coffee morning at Starbucks. 

Last night's workout wasn't easy, but really not too bad. Once I got over the "I'm so exhausted from the day" feeling to a mile in on the treadmill, I was fine. The final two miles actually flew by. I would also like to thank Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam because they also helped those last few miles fly by. I think I like doing the strength workouts on the treadmill. Weird, I know. It just seems to go by quickly. I know exactly what the pace needs to be and then I zone out for a little and boom, done. Maybe it was just last night. My guess is that next week I might  be back to dreading the 'mil, cause that is how I roll... 

I debated about running today because it is technically a rest day, but I skipped my run on Monday so.... I am trying not to be lazy here. Big plus: I picked up my new running shoes yesterday and couldn't wait to try them out. 

My friend Julia met me at 6AM and we headed out for a comfortable 5 miles. I thought my legs would feel more tired from yesterday's workout, but nope. They felt great. Maybe the new shoes. Or all the icing that was happening last night. Bottom line, legs feel great. Unfortunately, I am absolutely exhausted. Going to head to bed early tonight to be well rested for the rest of the runs this week.

Happy Hump Day!