Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The day in which....

Miles today: 6.25 miles, 2 mile repeats
Miles in 2013: 798.27 miles

So many ways to end that sentence. The day in which I let the treadmill beat me mentally. The day in which I learned that I could not eat a raw diet. Vegan, probably. Raw, nope. The day in which Rock 'n' Roll St. Pete (among others got canceled) The day in which I made a huge mess in the kitchen but it turned out pretty tasty. 

Let's start at the beginning of the afternoon. Finished work exhausted, came home, ate a veggie wrap, and took a power nap. (Eight minute Brooke special) I hit the gym and started my strength work out for the week. Motivation at about a -8. I hit my times but after an hour just didn't feel like taking another step. So I started my cool down and went home. Not a great model to follow, but it has been one of those days. 

Tonight's workout just was not fun. Since I rested more than one day last week, I am going to skip my rest day tomorrow and enjoy a sunrise run, sans Garmin or plan. 

After I got home, I got right down to making my "raw pad thai." We finally got our spiralizer and it is awesome. 

Food & Thought makes such an amazing zucchini pad thai; it was my obvious first choice. Clearly, I am a hot mess and this is going to take some practice. I checked out a couple of recipes on Pinterest and figured I would experiment with a little coconut milk, miso, ginger, etc. 

I tested the sauce and it was ok. It needed to be heated. So I figured if I heat it up a little, it would be better. Enter my favorite piece of kitchen equipment, the griddle. I tossed everything up there and created a disaster. 

Sauce everywhere. Not smart, party of one. Still tasted a little meh, so it got topped with a bunch of soy sauce and sriracha sauce and boom. Totally decent veggie pad thai. 

Obviously I have a few kinks to work out, including not creating a disaster and actually measuring ingredients. For now I am just satisfied it was edible. Tomorrow will be a better day.