Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Last Long Run and Week 15 Recap

Miles today: 3.73 miles, easy, AM, 3.22 miles, PM, under mgp
Miles yesterday: 8.8 miles, 1.5 mile repeats, treadmill
Miles in 2013: 931.98 miles

What day is it??? Huummmp Day! 

Wednesday and I am just getting to my weekly training recap. Fail. I capped off last nights great strength workout with catching up with one of my very favorite people and her very awake and adorable 2 year old. No time for blogging when there is catching up and wine to be had. My apologies. 

Anyhow, Sunday ended a great week of training. I absolutely cannot wrap my mind around the fact that Saturday was my last long run. How is that even possible? It was a stellar run thanks to my friend Jen and my super human husband. (Sidenote: this is a human who dropped out of the marathon, quit training because work was too busy, didn't run for weeks, and then crushed 18 miles. I love him but damn. I am jealous.)

Last week:

Monday: I rested. I have been feeling extra, extra tired on Mondays so I have switched up my rest day and put it on Monday instead of Wednesdays. It's nice to have a little extra time and cook a good dinner.
(Homade Samosa  - so so so good)

Tuesday: Strength workout. 2 mile repeats. It has only taken me the entire training cycle to learn the importance of really warming up. That one little mile does make a significant difference. (Sucks to be a slow learner...) The workout was one mile warm up, 2 miles at ten seconds faster than goal pace, 800 recovery jog, repeated 3 times with a quarter mile cool down. It was hard but not that hard. I felt strong and probably could have even done it a little faster. Definite boost to the week and confidence. (8.25 miles)

Wednesday: Easy sunrise run on my former rest day, 5.02 miles
Thursday: My legs and my will to run were hurting. Rest day #2 for the week. I didn't even feel (that) bad about resting. 

Friday: Another nice, easy sunrise run. 6.35 miles

Saturday: Last long run. Always such mixed emotions. I am happy I have come this far, but a little sad it is almost over. Despite my struggles this training cycle, I have made some great gains and had some runs that were nothing short of amazing. Friday night I was exhausted. Beyond exhausted. I remember thinking I had no clue how I was going to get up, much less actually run 18 miles. We got up and I downed some banana bread, a salt capsule, and a little Nunn. Larry was running with us for the first few miles and Jen met us at the house a little after 5. We ran the first 5 miles before meeting up with the 6AM group. I took down a couple Shot Bloks and 2 salt packets with a little gatorade and water. We took off again and ran another 3 miles before a quick bathroom break. It was a fast stop and we headed back out. At mile 10 or so I took a couple more Shot Bloks. I was feeling surprisingly well and we sped up a little. I was starving at 14 miles and finished the rest of my Shot Bloks with some more salt. The last few miles were not bad at all. I was feeling better and better (despite the temp going up) I finished strong with energy to spare. Honestly, I have never had a training run this long feel this good. I am hoping this is a good sign of things to come. Especially if the temperature in Chicago is anything under 75 degrees. 
Sunday: Despite a bottomless mimosa brunch, I still made it out for an easy 4 miler. My legs felt strong and did not feel tired from the long run. If we didn't have dinner plans, I could have run longer. Great end to an awesome weekend of running (And a gator win!!!)

That was the week. We are officially into taper time. Before my last marathon, I really struggled with my taper. This year I am looking forward to it. We have some serious fun before heading up to Chicago. Less than 3 weeks left!!!