Monday, September 16, 2013

Week 14 Recap

Miles today: rest
Miles in 2013:874.55 miles

Check out my newest post for FitNation here!

I was waiting for that to be posted to write about Larry. He has decided not to run the marathon. I am totally supportive but sad that we won't be running through Chicago together. Training without him has been tough, but luckily he is still joining me for runs here and there. The hardest part is waking up at 5AM by myself while he is still all cozy in bed. (Yeah, this morning that just didn't happen.)

Last week was an enjoyable week of training. I didn't get every mile in or hit all my paces, but I had fun and got to run with a bunch of friends throughout the week. Just over 40 miles of fun. 

Like today, I rested on Monday. My strength workout was scattered. I ran to and from a social running event, some miles at pace, some not. Wednesday I just ran as much as I could fit in before yoga. Thursday I had some miles at race pace and some that were slightly slower. (I was just so excited Larry was running with me for the second half) Friday was a nice, easy sunrise run. Saturday was... faster than an easy fun but a hungover run nonetheless. Oops. I ended the week with some more easy miles. 

So this week needs to be a little more focused, which is going to be a little difficult with work, meetings, and a weekend getaway. Doing the best I can. The temperature hasn't (please don't let me jinx myself for this) been as bad the past few days. Dare I say nice. Or it may just be that the summer heat has once and for all warped my sweaty senses. 

We are on the countdown. Less than 4 weeks left. So crazy. But that is enough of training chat. I couldn't run tonight because we had puppy class graduation. Lucy is now educated. Well, at least she can sit, shake, and stay. Regardless, she is too cute. Especially with Bailey.

Best friends. 

Boyfriend Phil 

Happy Monday!!